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Southern part of the village, 0. Labanoras admin. On the left, next to the forest, is a hard-to-see wooden sign. Following the sign, drive about m on the main road into the forest and turn right to find the memorial road sign. On the way to Butrimonys there is no road, you have to go about 1 km. Kairiai administrative district, 0. Near the Old Jewish Cemetery. NW part of village, 0. Dvariukai village, Guostagalis administrative district, southern part of village, 0.

With Bishop Julijonas Steponavicius of Vilnius, who remains exiled from his diocese after nearly 27 years, Sladkevicius became an almost legendary figure among Catholics here--a symbol, they said, of the "church militant" in Lithuania, where Catholicism has been deeply rooted for years, where the church is the oldest national institution and where religion is woven through the whole fabric of life. Reflecting recently on the prolonged and bitter struggle between the Catholic Church and the Communist regime here, a classic conflict between church and state, the cardinal warned that the struggle is not over. Sladkevicius, 68, sees the steadfastness of Lithuanian Catholics as being rewarded now by the government's overtures to the church. Classic Conflict Now, however, Sladkevicius is back with his diocese, has been elected president of the Lithuanian Catholic Bishops Conference and was elevated last June to the church's college of cardinals. Now, however, Sladkevicius is back with his diocese, has been elected president of the Lithuanian Catholic Bishops Conference and was elevated last June to the church's college of cardinals. Within a month, Sladkevicius, then 37, was banished by government decree to the small farming hamlet of Nemunelio Radviliskis, which was not only far from his diocese but had a population of only He spent the next 25 years in a small peasant's cottage there under virtual house arrest, prohibited from carrying out any of his pastoral functions. As the government intensified its efforts to promote atheism and counter the intense Catholicism here, younger priests moved into the forefront of the church's struggle for full religious freedom, knowing they enjoyed the full support of Sladkevicius and Steponavicius even as some conservative members of the church hierarchy urged them to moderate their position and to cooperate with the government.

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Radviliskis Catholic Girls
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