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While the military government has signed ceasefire agreements with most groups, vast areas of the state, especially those east of the Salween River, remain outside the central government's control, and in recent years have come under heavy ethnic-Han-Chinese economic and political influence. If Mong Khet is taken as a centre and a circle with radius of 2, miles is drawn, a startling fact about our world emerges. The world outside the circle is reacting actively now. The United States and Australia are stepping up their cooperation with India and Japan to create a front to contain the ambitions of China. Now the increasing assertion of influence in South China Sea by China has brought this group back together in an effort to maintain stability in the region. The unpredictable aggression by North Korea is another factor that requires the global influencers to play a role in the region. In his recent tour of Asian countries, he underlined the importance of Indo-Pacific as a region which has long been used by marine specialists to describe the waters between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. At the recent Horasis Asia Meeting in Kolkata, a senior industry leader from an ASEAN country told me there was much curiosity about the implication of the use of this term. Another important dynamic is gaining momentum within the Valeriepieris circle. While marine-based economic engagement is being enhanced, India is building the right optics around it. Even as India and ASEAN observe 25 years of dialogue partnership and five years of strategic partnership, the barriers within the grouping can undermine its relationship with global powers.

Julie is 1 of local men and women trained this year as TEES in order to return to their home villages and establish schools to serve the local community.

The renaming remains a contested issue, many political and ethnic opposition groups and countries continue to use Burma because they do not recognise the legitimacy of the ruling military government or its authority to rename the country. While former military leaders still wield enormous power in the country, there is, however, continuing criticism of the governments treatment of the Muslim Rohingya minority and its poor response to the religious clashes. The main access to Taunggyi is by the mountainous road, a railway line that passes through Taunggyi was recently built inbut at the moment it offers no passenger service to Taunggyi. As ofaccording to the Human Development Index, Myanmar had a level of human development.

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Mongkhet Men
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