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For the most part, researchers have concentrated on Caucasian girls and women from middle- to upper-class backgrounds, with few doctors even equipped with the language and questions to ask Latina sufferers. Though the Center for American Progress reports that the level of educational attainment for Latinas has risen in the past few years, graduation rates for Latinas, at According to a Colorado State University study, Latinas are victims of a broken educational pipelinemeaning they are underrepresented in honors, advanced placement and gifted and talented programs. But even though researchers and physicians seem to overwhelmingly disregard Latinas in their work, eating disorders do not discriminate. While it's true that some women cross the border to deliver babies, comments like those of Republican South Carolina Sen. Limited transportation and lack of health insurance impede access to birth control for many Latinas, with immigration regulation creating additional layers of difficulty. Inthe American Civil Liberties Union maintained that mass incarceration has an exceptional effect on Latinas and black women, who are typically the primary caregivers for their children and are also disproportionately victimized. But there's a more insidious side to this kind of stereotyping — besides being inaccurate, these types of depictions have been used to blame high rates of teen pregnancies in the community on the "spicy Latina. Although feminists regularly cite the gender wage gap as a scourge holding back women in the workplace, in fact for Latinas, the gap is much worse. To be featured, please email arturo. She has spent the past two summers attempting to fill this gap. Intuitively, it would seem that since both women and Black people face a lot of discrimination, Black women must face the worst. The truth is significantly more complicated. Compelled to explore how Black women are perceived in relation to their womanhood and race, Huggins conducted a study this past summer to probe how locational context—a grocery store, the gym, etc.

Contact Info mhuggins tulane. Women Fielding Danger: Negotiating Ethnographic Identities in Field Research. Huggins, Charles and Leo Favrot Professor Emerita Sociology,continues to be recognized for her research on torture in Brazil, on racial injustice, and on police abuse of power.

A closer look at the women who made enormous contributions to both the modern civil rights and Black Power movements sheds new light on these struggles, including the historic national victories we think we fully understand, such as the U. Examining women in the civil rights and Black Power movements sheds new light on how these struggles emerged, how they operated, and how they were sustained. African American women played major roles in local and national organizing efforts and frequently were the majority in local chapters of groups as dissimilar as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Black Panther Party. African American women have a long history of such protests, dating at least to antilynching crusader Ida B. Biographers have also addressed the distorted perceptions of more recognizable women, like Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King. Rather, their legislative initiatives were largely in response to grassroots protests in which women, especially black women, were key participants. Aside from activists and scholars, even fewer of us know much, if anything, about the female allies of the black freedom struggle, including white southerners as well as other women of color. Although few people aside from scholars and activists know their names, scores of women—especially African American women—participated on all levels of the modern black freedom movement: As one scholar of the southern movement noted: Often working in concert with black men and sometimes with white allies, African American women also drew on their own distinctive organizing traditions.

Ericka Huggins: A lot of things compelled me when I was young. Black Panthers at a rally in Oakland, At the beginning of Stanley Nelson's new documentary, Black Panthers: Vanguards of the Revolutionformer member Ericka Huggins gravely says to the camera: It wasn't easy. There were African American or Latina informants, who they bribed to do so, because these were people who maybe had some kind of stolen car or drug charge Read More: Alternatives to Alternatives: After taking part in Martin Luther King's March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom at the age of 15, Ericka Huggins was deeply touched, making a vow to 'serve people for the rest of my life'. I decided then to leave with my friend John Huggins, and travel across the country, to find and join the Black Panther party.

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