In the movie Farewell to NostradamusLupin carefully treats the amnesiac Fujiko, hoping she gets better as he "looks forward to her betrayals". Lupin is completely infatuated with Fujiko, and will do anything for her. At the beginning of the series, many of the women Lupin encounters are all named Fujiko, but are treated as different characters from chapter to chapter. Monkey Punch believes the characters of Lupin and Fujiko are similar to the characters of D'Artagnan and Milady de Winter, and describes them as "Not necessarily lovers, not necessarily husband and wife, but more just having fun as man and woman with each other". As the Lupin III series was to be published in a magazine targeted at adults, Fujiko Mine was created to add a female presence. Due to the episodic nature of the manga, many of Fujiko's appearances treat her and Lupin as meeting for the first time, even after the incident where Lupin kills her father. Although she is more willing to contain her feelings, Fujiko does have a love for Lupin. Head to the Teltel Boys Club. Here, you have the chance to call several girls. One possible connection you can make is with Haruki. Successfully navigate the minigame and you can meet with her. Next, you are in place to meet with Haruki. Remember, she is wearing red. Unfortunately, two girls could match her description. Be sure and "Choose the Far Girl". Indeed, this is Haruki. Just then, her ex-boyfriend will arrive.

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