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The caterer, Sheila, had saved my dinner for me — a delicious chicken curry — so I microwaved it and wolfed it down while chatting to my fellow writers. Tune in on Monday for part two of our interview. I spend most of my time on the Upper East Side dealing with contractors and build-out. Probably sometime inside of a month. It could be as early as May 15 and as late as the end of May, assuming no big hurdles pop up. We were talking about all of the different possible markets. That was part of it. Also, we could pick up seafood in the Bronx, which makes coordinating the sites a little easier. You pick up your seafood in the Bronx? From the boat to our restaurant is typically 48 hours. October and November were busy months for us, and in December and January it slowed down.

Automotive-Links - http: Auto Pages - http: Holden - http: Holden Special Vehicles - http: Unofficial Holden Commodore Archive - http: Just BrewArt - https: A new way of brewing beer at home claiming to be pub quality. Anyone who wants to have a talk to fellow commodore enthusiasts can do so in our chatroom- YES there is actually ppl in there every night! Or if chatrooms aren't quite your style then just say g'day on our general forum.

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Holden Chat Holden Chatrooms Holden Chat Rooms
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