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The World Bank estimates that 1, women died for everylive births incompared with inthough the accuracy of World Bank and U. This all raises the question: What if, 17 years ago, the United States had decided that women were the key to stabilizing and rebuilding Afghanistan, as a growing body of evidence suggests? The Afghan government, for its part, has successfully passed laws to protect women, such as the Law on the Elimination of Violence Against Women signed into law inalthough it is often not enforced and many women still find themselves without protection. Culturally, Afghan women usually cannot or do not show such sensitive body parts to men who are not family members. For women like Parwin, the reality is that Afghanistan still has only one oncologist for the entire nation. The most effective strategy for combating terrorism is to bolster economic growth, access to education, and opportunity—and in Afghanistan, women are among the most important vehicles for such economic and social stability. Much of the money went to Americans and foreigners flown in to train the women and to the enormous overhead costs to house, secure, and employ Americans in Afghanistan. Her beauty is still stunning and her confidence inspiring. It takes a moment for the barbaric act committed against her to register in your mind and sight. It was an act of Taliban justice for the crime of shaming her husband's family. Her father had promised her hand in marriage, along with that of her baby sister's, to another family in a practice called "baad. At 16, she was handed over to her husband's father and 10 brothers, who she claims were all members of the Taliban in Oruzgan province. Aisha didn't even meet her husband because he was off fighting in Pakistan.

How can we judge the human rights with a single scale? Women are barred from employment and forced to wear the all-encompassing burqa, while men are ordered to cover their heads, too. It is the format of rationalized debate, of considerations of rights being accorded to women, of protections being accorded to minorities," Haroon says. It also guarantees the observance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other global human rights conventions, including protections for women and minorities.

Sharif adds: While there are characters who support Roya, there is also one who is openly against working women. But women of this city are also, slowly and steadily, making their own destiny. During decades of fighting, women in Afghanistan have been deprived of their basic rights. The Taliban government ushered in an era of extreme patriarchy that discouraged unaccompanied and uncovered women in public spaces. In July the Taliban issued a decree banning all Afghan women from taking jobs in aid agenciesthe one sector in which they were allowed to work. Its central message is that women should get out of the home and join the workforce. The show, named after its central character, Roya, follows the life of the single, year-old, educated woman in a post-Taliban Kabul, and that of her family — parents, two younger sisters and a brother.

As in all war-torn societies, women suffer disproportionately. However, one chapter of the code was removed before it was passed: In June, a United Nations report took the Afghan criminal justice system to task for ignoring violence against women. It also highlights how, in the face of little governmental support and dwindling international aid, women are stepping in to help one another. Eighty-seven percent of Afghan women are illiterate, while percent face forced marriagemany before the age of Government statistics from show that 80 percent of all suicides are committed by women, making Afghanistan one of the few places in the world where rates are higher among women. The Global Rights survey found that nearly 90 percent of Afghan women have experienced domestic abuse. The government did little to mete out justice and ignored demands for more action to combat violence against women. Herat, a province in western Afghanistan near the border of Iran, has some of the highest rates of violence against women in the country and some of the highest rates of suicide among women. Supporting women in Afghanistan is something people all over the world pay lip service to, but money and aid never get to them.

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During their five-year rule, the Taliban prohibited almost all education for girls and women. Among adult women, 19 percent are literate compared to 49 percent of adult men. The government has failed to make clear to families that school is important for all of their children and to ensure that the education system accommodates all students. Girls who marry as children are also more likely to be victims of domestic violence than women who marry later. Senior officials from troop-contributing nations in the early years of the war spoke out about the suffering of women under the Taliban. Islamic extremists insist women and girls stay at home, and can only leave if they are fully covered and accompanied by a male relative. A culture prohibiting women to appear in public combined with a widespread lack of education mean women enjoy few economic opportunities. Many women die in pregnancy and childbirth: The only good news is that that these statistics have substantially improved in the last few years. ScoreIran Overall score out of Women activists say up to 80 percent of marriages in poor rural areas are either forced or arranged. They have babies while still young teenagers, increasing health problems and risking death for themselves and their children the risk of death during pregnancy or childbirth for girls under 14 is five times higher than for adult women. World Agence France-Presse Updated: March 15, Kabul, Afghanistan: An Afghan man taken hostage by the Taliban made a dramatic escape by stealing a gun while his captors were praying and shooting dead seven of them and wounding 18 others, officials said Thursday.

Date Mature Women in Taiban Taiban Single Mature Women
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