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The Franks were among the first Jews to settle in Pittsburgh and were founding members of the first Jewish synagogue. Keep reading to learn about some of the local women who continue to inspire us today. Married to millwright, astronomer, and optical instrument maker John Brashear inPhoebe shared his intense interest in stargazing and observing the celestial wonders of the sky. Learn more about Lois Weber in this blog post: One half of my favorite couple in Pittsburgh history is Phoebe Brashear. One of these women was Pauline Wormser Frank A German Jewish immigrant who came to the United States during the wave of German migration in the s, Pauline married fellow German Jewish merchant William Frank and eventually moved to Pittsburgh, where he ran a dry goods store and later built a glassworks. To me, some of the most fascinating women in Pittsburgh history are the early civic leaders who came here when this place was still a pretty hardscrabble community. Palpable emotions common to the songs of Jews, Christians and Muslims in Andalusia during the Golden Age of Spain, a time when our communities shared philosophy, poetry and musical cadences and lived in peace with one another — a time past and, last Sunday evening, a brief taste of the world to come. Although they had jammed together only a few times before the concert, the performers were totally in sync and the fusion of Andalusian cultures was revived in New York. Their performance of a 12th century Hebrew poem sung in Hebrew to an Arabic melody with Flamenco rhythms, each stanza punctuated by fervent Gypsy cries, exemplified their musical connections. After the concert, the theme of cultural fusion was discussed by Rev. As Jews migrated to new places, they absorbed the local culture, transposing their music. Chaplain Harris, founder and director of the Muslim Peace Fellowship, described a modern-day effort to share different cultures at the Center for Living Traditions, a multi-faith community in Stony Point, New York dedicated to the practice and study of hospitality, nonviolence and justice, where she is a scholar in residence.

I am Jewish, I have faith in God.

These issues do generate heated controversy even in non-Orthodox circles — one "conservative" synagogue in London split due to a bitter row over whether women can wear prayer shawls normally worn by men. Yet as feminism has progressed, attitudes towards the role of women in orthodox Judaism have lagged behind. Despite rabbinic inertia, there is tremendous pressure from the grassroots and it may well take the introduction of Orthodox women rabbis to create a new dynamic. To become a rabbi one has to achieve a given level of knowledge of Jewish law. Blu Greenberg, who founded the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliancefamously wrote "where there is a rabbinic will there is a halakhic way" and we need to make clear that change is necessary. The United Synagogue is presenting a 10 year update of its "Womens Review" later this month. Weiss has announced the opening of a new academy to train women rabbis, who are controversially given the title "MaHaRaT" rather than rabbi.

The letters, photographs, and ephemera in the time capsule give rare insight into the people that John Brashear held dearest in his life and work while also demonstrating the breadth of his impact on Pittsburgh and the scientific world. Langley to Brashear in response to a question he asked about the curves of the first five-inch lens that he and his wife made. Letter written by John Brashear on Aug. The contents were carefully assembled by Brashear after the building was completed. August 14, Cabinet card of Phoebe Brashear. Visit the Pittsburgh: You can also read the full article about John Brashear and the contents of the time capsule in the Summer issue of Western Pennsylvania History. With his love of the stars and mechanical problem solving skills, Brashear built some of the finest optical instruments ever made, many of which are still in use today. August 14 marks the anniversary of the day in when astronomer and instrument maker John Brashear, along with a group of his employees, placed a small time capsule box in the cornerstone of their workshop building in Observatory Hill. As an amateur, it must have been incredibly intimidating for Brashear to approach an established man of science like Langley.

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She distinguished between the contribution that women and men respectively could make, believing that women would bring sensitivity to decision-making positions, private charity, the city, and the nation. With the cooperation of the National Council of Jewish Women, Rauh argued successfully for penal reform and local and state laws regulating fund raising. Know an extraordinary Jewish woman whose story should be told? In she was invited to serve on the Board of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies for a one-year term until January, Her experience in a wide range of civic projects and her proven executive ability made Bertha Rauh a highly qualified candidate for a responsible public position. A Jewish volunteer social reformer forges a path to public office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She began her community service as a teenager, participating in aid to the Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. In the contemporary Orthodox world, most rabbis consider hair covering an obligation incumbent upon all married women; however, there is variation in the form this takes. For example some women view head covering as a sign of their marital status and therefore do not cover their hair in their own home. Modestyas a Jewish value, is continually being refined and redefined by Jewish women and their communities. Historically speaking, women in the talmudic period likely did cover their hair, as is attested in several anecdotes in rabbinic literature. A Reform responsum declares: Both the Conservative and Reform movements allow, and in some cases encourage, women to cover their heads when praying or learning Torah, because of the requirement to wear a kippah.

Brashear Jewish Women
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