Boalsburg Women

The exact date of this event has been questioned, a gap that creates some weakness in the Boalsburg claim. The three women left the cemetery that autumn day with the intentions of returning the following July 4. Reuben Hunter, on September 19,that inspired three women to visit the cemetery and decorate the graves of the fallen men. However, because of a limited amount of information available on the matter it is difficult to determine whether those women or anyone from the community actually returned and decorated the graves again after the Civil War ended. Before the following Independence Day, however, the women and town of Boalsburg had something new to celebrate. Boalsburg falls short on this part of its claim. Waterloo is recognized because of being the first to as a community honor the fallen soldiers on May 5, Boalsburg is the location of the first observation by the three women, Emma Hunter, Elizabeth Meyer, and Sophie Keller, in October of After the decorating the graves of the recently fallen Boalsburg soldiers, they also decorated the graves of those men who had died in the War of and the Revolutionary War. Boalsburg claims to be the site of the earliest observation of Decoration Day, now known as Memorial Day. They arranged for the Boalsburg Brass Band to perform concerts to raise funds for wounded soldiers. Like the one over in Mississippi, this Columbus was founded in the s and sits just a few minutes from countryside in almost any way you drive. Residents say it was here, in the years after the Civil War , that Memorial Day was born. They say that in the other Columbus, too. It does not take much for the historically curious in either town — like Richard Gardiner, a professor of teacher education at Columbus State University here — to explain why theirs is the true originator of a revered American holiday and why the other is well-meaning but simply misguided. The custom of strewing flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers has innumerable founders, going back perhaps beyond the horizon of recorded history, perhaps as far as war itself. But there is the ancient practice and there is Memorial Day, the specific holiday, arising from an order for the annual decoration of graves that was delivered in by Maj.

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These women did not realize what they had in common, but as it happened they were participating in their first Memorial Day service. On that very Sunday in October, these women made a pact to meet again on the same day the following year to honor their loved ones as well as others who may have no one left to kneel at their graves. All of Boalsburg gathered, along with a clergyman — Dr. Perhaps to some people this little town is just another dot on the map, but the locals know a truer meaning behind Boalsburg. In the next months these women shared their plan with friends and neighbors.

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The book also gives a fascinating look at the connections Boalsburg and all of Centre County had to the major players of the Civil War including President Lincoln. For more information please contact the Centre County Historical society, or the Boalsburg Heritage Museum, Researched and written by local historians: Unlike anything that has been written before on this subject, this book ties together who these women were, why they walked to the cemetery that day in October of and what they did with the rest of their lives. A new book about the role that Boalsburg played in the Civil War has just been released to commemorate Memorial Day. Your Perfect Fit uses a fashionable collection of French, German, and other European designers in captivating styles from practical to sensual, ranging in cup sizes: A-K and band sizes: Your Perfect Fit offers women a luxurious alternative to the hassle and embarrassment of department store shopping by providing individual, professional service within a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Boalsburg Women
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